Der Manhwa Hype ist nicht nur bei uns vorhanden, sondern auch im englischsprachigen Raum! Dies merkt man vorallem daran, dass der Verlag YenPress ein eigenes Label exklusiv für Manhwa und Romane aus Korea ins Leben gerufen hat.

Dieses Label trägt den Namen IzePress.

Gleichzeitig wurden auch schon die ersten Manhwa + Romane vorgestellt.

Diese sind wie folgt:

Ize Press bescheibt die Titel wie folgt:

7FATES: CHAKHO (comic and novel): „This dynamic story follows seven young men bound by fate. After growing up together through a series of trials and tribulations, they must become a unified group of seven to unlock their destiny.“

THE STAR SEEKERS (comic and novel): „This series follows a group of young men in a pop band who live in a world where magic is part of everyday reality. The group awakens one day to discover they possess dormant magical abilities.“

DARK MOON (comic and novel): „Mixing urban fantasy and teen romance, the story follows the confrontation, confusion, and chemistry between a group of vampires, a pack of werewolves, and a mysterious girl with a secret.“

Tomb Raider King: „Mysterious tombs have appeared all over the world each housing a relic granting supernatural abilities. Jooheon is a raider who hides in tombs to steal relics. Betrayed and left to die, he is transported 15 years into the past instead.

The World After the Fall: „A tower appeared in the skies, standing out as a beacon of the apocalypse. Heroic Walkers cleared the tower floors in order to save humanity. But once the last Walker reached floor 100, he no longer knew what to believe…“

The Boxer: „Yu has rhythm, grace, and power on the level of the top pound-for-pound fighters, and his potential is too much for the legendary Coach K to ignore. Taking the young prodigy under his wing, the two shock the world of boxing, fight by fight.

My Gently Raised Beast: „Blondina lives a tough life on the streets until she is discovered to be the child of the emperor. Living in the palace is lonely…until she befriends a brash and surly cat named Amon. But Amon is no ordinary cat…

The Remarried Empress: “ Navier was the lifelong companion of Sovieshu, the emperor of the Eastern Empire until the day he fell for another woman. It is Navier who shocks everyone, declaring: “I accept this divorce and request an approval of my remarriage!” „

Villains Are Destined to Die: “ In Daughter of the Duke Love Project!, you can play as its “villainess” Penelope. One lonely player empathizes with her. After she tries to give her a „good ending“ she wakes up as Penelope herself in the world of the game!

Meinung des Redakteurs:

Es freut mich zu sehen, dass nicht nur Manga die verdiente Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, sondern auch Manhwa! Als nächstes bitte noch Manhua!

Von den lizenzierten Titeln selber spricht mich spontan nur The Boxer an!

Mal schauen! =D

Von Lector

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