Auf der SakuraCon hat YenPress nicht nur ihr neues Manhwa Label angekündigt, über das wir HIER berichtet haben, sondern auch 8 neue Manga und Light Novel Lizenzen verkündet!

Diese sind wie folgt:

YenPress beschreibt die Titel wie folgt:

The Gay Who Turned Kaiju: „Bullied for being gay, Takashi wishes he could just be somebody else—but who could predict he’d morph into a giant-headed sci-fi creature! His tumultuous emotions become the catalyst for exploration of the LGBTQ experience.“

Touring After the Apocalypse (manga): „All alone after the end of days, two girls bike through the empty ruins of Japan—and they’re not about to let the collapse of civilization get in the way of sightseeing! Even when the world ends, their journey goes on.“

King’s Proposal: „From the team behind Date A Live. Saika is an all-powerful witch who fights the mysterious entities attempting to destroy the world every 300 hours. When she is mortally wounded she bequeaths both her powers and body to a normal boy.“

Gods’ Games We Play (light novel): „When the gods grow bored, they decide to spice up their existence by challenging all takers in an ultimate battle of wits! A former goddess and a human boy team up in a bid to win the game to end all games!“

Arya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian (light novel): „Masachika sits next to Arya. She’s haughty and a great student while he’s a known slacker. He’s an easy target for her comments in Russian—except he can understand what she’s really saying!“

Thermae Romae (manga omnibus): „When Roman architect Lucius is criticized for his outdated designs, he retreats to the local bath to think. But as he slips into the water, he is dragged through the bottom of the bath and emerges in modern-day Japan!“

Wichtig bei Thermae Romae, es ist eine Neuauflage!

The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy (manga): „One thousand years ago, Leonis, the greatest of the Dark Lords, entered magical stasis during a climactic battle. When he awakens, he finds out he has been transformed into a ten-year-old boy?!“

Visions 2022 Illustrators Book: !The ultimate collection of pixiv artists is back! The 2022 compilation features 170 of some of the greatest creators on the platform—all of whom have made an impact on the artistic field.“






Meinung des Redakteurs:

Ich muss gestehen, für mich ist bis auf Thermae Romae nicht wirklich was dabei!

Bei der Arya Novel, finde ich es schade, dass es kein Manga ist, da das Konzept bestimmt super als Manga funktionieren würde.

Von Lector

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